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   Custom Vertical Caution Label with Symbol

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Product Description

Custom vertical caution label with symbol

The DuraMark Difference

High-quality labels designed to weather time and the elements.

Environmentally Friendly:

DuraMark’s polyester industrial labels are more environmentally friendly than the vinyl competition. Vinyl labels break down in a way that releases more toxic chemicals than polyester. PVC production releases dangerous pollutants including vinyl chloride, ethylene dichloride, mercury, and dioxins.

UV Protected for Outdoor Use:

A clear polyester overlaminate layer protects the printed label from UV and other harsh environmental factors. This layer also protects from abrasion and keeps the label clear and readable for many years. Industrial quality highly pigmented UV resistant inks keep the colors of DuraMark labels vibrant in all conditions.

Durable Industrial Inks:

DuraMark uses only premium quality UV resistant high pigment industrial inks for all safety labels. These extraordinarily durable and long-lasting inks are environmentally friendly, containing no VOC’s or latex. The inks used in DuraMark labels also pass the Marine Immersion Test, which qualifies them for use in saltwater environments.

Strong Permanent Adhesive:

The use of permanent acrylic adhesives on all DuraMark labels ensures excellent contact and a long-lasting bond on a wide variety of surfaces. These high-performance adhesives have a strong resistance to petro-chemicals, acids, organic solvents, oils, and detergents.

Extreme Temperature Range:

DuraMark safety labels have been tested to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures. They have been developed for service in temperatures ranging from -40’F to +302’F and are subjected harsh environments for certification such as 7 days at 248’F.

Made In the USA:

By purchasing your safety labels from DuraMark Technologies you are supporting Made in the USA manufacturing while ensuring the highest quality and best prices buying direct from the printer.

It’s no accident that DuraMark labels and decals offer superior adhesion, durability, and clarity. We designed them to do just that. Because we focus on industries that demand durable, weather-resistant labels, we understand what it means to our customers’ business, productivity, costs, and brand image when labels fail. That’s why DuraMark labels don’t. In fact, our labels have an average lifespan that’s three times the industry average. Contact us if you have any custom decal needs!

In test after test, DuraMark labels maintain their printing quality and adhesion for more than ten years.

CE Cert     UL Cert     AEM Mem     MAde In USA

Bulk Pricing Table

Bulk Purchase Discounts - Buy Direct - Save More

Purchasing DuraMark safety labels direct from the printer ensures the best prices on the highest quality labels. Price breaks at 50, 100, 500 and 1000 units means exceptional discounts when purchasing larger quantities. For production runs beyond 1,000 labels or if you will have an ongoing need please call at 317.867.5700 or send a message.

  • Buy 50 - 99 and get 15% off
  • Buy 100 - 500 and get 30% off
  • Buy 500 - 1000 and get 50% off
  • Buy 1000 or above and get 60% off