An Innovative, Product-Specific Approach To Label Kits

If you think of kitting as multiple labels sheets stuck in a bag that create confusion on the production floor, you haven’t experienced DuraMark kitting.


Our approach allows us to place every branding decal, safety label, and instructional label on a single sheet. It’s streamlined, exacting, and proven to reduce time and money.

Eliminate Errors

Our product-specific kits act as a Bill of Materials (BOM) for every label/part that goes on a piece of equipment. That means every label in the kit is applied. If one is left on the sheet, the applicators know immediately that they’ve missed something and can quickly fix the error.

More Flexibility

Quickly, Easily, and affordably make a change to as few as a single label on a sheet reducing waste caused by ECN's. DuraMark's 100% digital printing allows for timely delivery for any rebranding, regulation changes or variable data information.

Product-Specific Kitting Drives Outcomes

Increased Production Efficiency

Product-specific sheets

More efficient picking and application

Inventory Elimination

Match your production schedule

No minimums

Reduced Cost

Eliminates waste

Reduces storage and overhead