Crush Hazard Safety Labels

Crush Hazard Labels

Crush hazards can be caused by a multitude of worksite environments. Crush hazards may be as small as a singe extremity or as large as multiple workers. There are approximately 125,000 crush injuries each year. Labeling these potential safety risks appropriately will communicate both the risk and severity of the crush hazard.

DuraMark’s durable industrial polyester labels last three times longer than our competitor’s vinyl with exceptional clarity and permanent adhesion. DuraMark crush safety labels are made with unique proprietary materials that are UV resistant, can withstand extreme temperatures between -40 to 302 degrees Fahrenheit, and have been tested to stay clear and readable in the most adverse conditions

By purchasing your made in the USA crush hazard safety labels direct from the printer at DuraMark you will get the highest quality, longest lasting industrial safety labels at the best prices.