Biohazard Safety Labels

Biohazard Labels

Biohazard labels are bold, recognizable, and easy-to-understand. They are essential to industries like health care, transportation, sanitation and so much more. DuraMark’s biohazard labels inform and protect employees from dangers such as harmful chemicals or infectious organisms. DuraMark biohazard safety labels are necessary for businesses or facilities where hazardous biological material is present. In addition, they help your business comply with industry specifications and reduce liability. These bright, graphic safety labels signal the presence of biohazards within a workplace. This alerts employees that they must be properly clothed and equipped to mitigate any possible risk. DuraMark biohazard safety labels and decals are ideal for containers used to store, transport or ship regulated waste, blood, or other potentially infectious materials.Knowing how critical these safety labels are to your business, DuraMark offers a wide range of biohazard safety labels designed to conform with OSHA 1910.1030, including bilingual and fluorescent biohazard safety decal options.

DuraMark’s durable industrial polyester labels last three times longer than our competitor’s vinyl with exceptional clarity and permanent adhesion. DuraMark biohazard safety labels are made with unique proprietary materials that are UV resistant, can withstand extreme temperatures between -40 to 302 degrees Fahrenheit, and have been tested to stay clear and readable in the most adverse conditions

By purchasing your made in the USA biohazard safety labels direct from the printer at DuraMark you will get the highest quality, longest lasting industrial safety labels at the best prices.


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