Support Services

"We were able to rebrand our entire product line thanks to DuraMark's total solution and their design team."
-Allen Engineering, President
Sometimes, the Best Label Solution is Better Customer Support
To provide a more complete label solution for our customers, we offer support in pivotal areas. Our in-house Art & Design Department improves our offerings and increases our flexibility and speed, our designated Transition Team makes for a seamless, stress-free move to DuraMark, and our line assessment experts help you maximize your labels and label application process.
Our Art & Design Department creates peace of mind
Whether you’re rebranding, conducting a compliance audit, or need a label kit, it’s good to know DuraMark has a full-service graphic design department ready to help.
• Secure client repository for artwork storage and retrieval.
• Complete access to your artwork with no additional fees.
• Full graphic design services for rapid response to changes, as well as label creation
• AEM, ANSI, CE, and ISO graphic accuracy to the latest standards
• Fast and accurate ECN fulfillment
Duramark’s Transition Team
Changing suppliers is never easy, but with our dedicated team of experienced transition experts, we’ll guide you every step of the way.
• Professional project management. Your dedicated transition manager will answer any questions and make sure your transition is easy and on track.
•Assistance in transition of artwork. Your transition manager will work with you and our art team to ensure all label art matches your expectations and brand requirements.
•Setting up product-specific kitting sheets. Our transition and design team will map out the most efficient way to kit your labels. This includes coordinating kit set-ups per product to mirror your production and label application process.
•Other DuraMark offerings. Whether you need assistance with coordinating vendor managed inventory (VMI), just-in-time delivery of label kits (JIT), or variable data setup for your labels, our transition team is here for you.
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