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Premium labels at an unbeatable price.
Over the years, DuraMark Technologies has developed a strong reputation for creating labels that provide unparalleled durability and clarity, not to mention real business solutions. Now we're offering even more: an online store that brings DuraMark standards to standardized safety labels.
Don't see what you're looking for?  Our in-house graphic design team can create the label you need, really fast.
Turn to DuraMark's 100% digital printing for greater flexibility and affordable Just in Time (JIT) delivery.
Our latest innovation transforms our labels into an instant connection with customers.
DuraMark Technologies. Turning labels into real business solutions.
DuraMark Technologies is not your ordinary label maker, and for a number of important reasons. We do more than provide stickers, we deliver real business solutions that impact everything from overhead and inventory costs to LEAN manufacturing to delivery schedules.
Because we know the impact our labels can have, we’re constantly innovating to deliver smarter solutions and bigger ideas.
Watch and learn what sets DuraMark Technologies labels apart.
Durable, high-quality labels.
Because our focus is on creating labels and decals for manufacturing and outdoor equipment, durability, clarity, and adhesion are always top of mind. DuraMark’s proprietary, premium material sandwich means superior fade resistance. Our labels stand the test of time, maintaining their integrity for more than 10 years.
A faster, more flexible approach to label production.
DuraMark takes a 100% digital approach when it comes to printing. This creates crystal clear labels and decals that go from art to finished part in minutes. Because we’re digital, we can respond quickly to changes, whether it’s a new brand or a new ANSI requirement. And there are no minimums, which is ideal for prototypes and smaller changes.
Stay connected to your customers with DuraLink.
With our latest innovation, a customer can take your product home, scan the QR code on the label with their phone, and instantly have registration info, operating instructions, safety videos, and more at their fingertips. DuraLink creates pivotal connections with current customers and prospects on the sales floor or at tradeshows.
"DuraMark label kits have helped eliminate errors on our assembly floor."
– Haulotte / BilJax, Operations
Product-specific label kits reduce inventory, mistakes, and delays.
If you think of kitting as multiple label sheets stuck in a bag that creates confusion on the production floor, you haven’t experienced DuraMark kitting. Our approach is streamlined, exacting, and proven to reduce time and money.
Variable data printing. Greater flexibility, speed, and affordability.
Many manufacturers require labels with specific, unique information like serial numbers, VIN numbers, and asset numbers. These labels are critical to your operation and require variable printing, in which elements are changed from one printed piece to the next. DuraMark’s innovation and digital technology takes variable data to the next level.
Discover what DuraMark can do for your company.