"Our past issues of fading and poor durability of our decals are gone with DuraMark."
-Genie, Engineering
DuraMark Labels Mean Extraordinary Quality, Durability, and Speed
When we talk with prospective customers, we often hear about label issues like fading, scraping, and poor adhesion.  Because we focus on industries that demand durable, weather-resistant labels, we understand what it means to our customers’ business, productivity, costs, and brand image when labels fail. That’s why DuraMark labels don’t. In fact, our labels have an average lifespan that’s three times the industry average.
In test after test, DuraMark labels maintain their printing quality and adhesion for more than ten years.
Our proprietary, premium material sandwich is better than vinyl
The majority of outdoor equipment labels and decals are screen-printed vinyl. Ours aren’t because vinyl doesn’t solve our customer’s problems. Take abrasion, for instance. Vinyl can rip and tear in abrasive environments. Our polyester film is far stronger, even a knife won’t scratch it away. Another big difference is toxicity. Vinyl is made from PVC, which is known to be toxic. In addition to environmental concerns, this can be a regulatory compliance issue in other regions, like Europe.
High-quality labels designed to weather time and the elements
It’s no accident that DuraMark labels and decals offer superior adhesion, durability, and clarity. We designed them to do just that.
100% digital label printing for greater clarity, agility, and speed
DuraMark’s 100% digital printing approach means we can be more responsive, agile and offer greater flexibility. Here’s how our approach compares to traditional screen printing.
Superior Durability
Safety Decals
Instructional Labels
Digital, high resolution printing allows your labels and decals to match graphic and quality standards for years to come.
We’ll help you conform to ANSI standards, providing consistency in color and graphics to help you stay compliant and avoid fines.
Instructions vary from model to model and change frequently. Send us updated art files and we'll print the new instruction labels immediately.

Reflective Labels
Self-Destructive Labels
Oversized Decals
Manufactured for high-visibility photo-luminescence, our highly durable reflective labels are available as tapes or decals.
Designed for critical applications, these labels rip when removal is attempted.
No matter what the size, DuraMark can deliver a durable, high quality decal that answers your branding and labeling needs.
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