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X-Ray Safety Labels

X-ray safety labels are an important way to advise personnel of a silent and invisible hazard. X-Ray radiation is a form of ionization radiation that is potentially very hazardous. Care should be taken when using any analytical X-ray instrument. Never put any part of your body in the expected path of the main beam. Avoid being around the X ray tube housing and main beam path as much as possible. Keep the enclosure doors closed whenever possible.

DuraMark’s durable industrial polyester labels last three times longer than our competitor’s vinyl with exceptional clarity and permanent adhesion. DuraMark x-ray safety labels are made with unique proprietary materials that are UV resistant, can withstand extreme temperatures between -40 to 302 degrees Fahrenheit, and have been tested to stay clear and readable in the most adverse conditions.

By purchasing your made in the USA x-ray safety labels direct from the printer at DuraMark you will get the highest quality, longest lasting industrial safety labels at the best prices.

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