A Fast, Affordable, And High Quality Approach To Variable Data

Variable printing is difficult with traditional screen printing. It’s time-consuming, expensive, and may result in longer delivery times. Our digital printers can produce variable or serialized data quickly and affordably, and while quality and durability can be an issue with other processes and materials, DuraMark's label constructon solves them.

"Bruno used to experience production delays while we waited for costly 'rush' orders to arrive.  DuraMark and its state-of-the-art, on-demand variable data technology changed that."

-Bruno Independent Living Aids, Engineering

DuraMark's Approach To Variable Data Creates A Stronger Partnership

Many manufacturers require labels with specific information like serial numbers, VIN numbers, and asset numbers. These labels are critical to your operation and require variable or serialized printing, in which elements are changed from one printed piece to the next.


See how DuraMark & GM partnered leveraging our variable data capabilities to drive meaningful outcomes across the business.

Variable Data Creates Maximum Flexibility

Send your variable or serialized data directly to us via Excel Macro

We quickly create the label with the right data to your specifications

Your labels are promptly shipped