Why Are ANSI Safety Labels Important?

ANSI safety labels are an important part of keeping both consumers and employees safe in the presence of equipment that might be considered dangerous. In construction and agriculture, this might include certain materials, dangerous chemicals, and heavy machinery. A clearly identified and legible safety label can prevent a disaster from taking place. ANSI stands for the American National Standards Institute. This organization develops standards by which everyone must follow when it comes to safety labels. There are a few reasons why their safety decals are so important.

Ensure Everyone Understands the Label

One of the reasons why these safety standards are so important is that they ensure everyone can understand the label. Some of the common issues that might arise with certain safety labels include:

  • The text might not be large enough to read
  • Some people might not be able to understand the language of the text
  • The label itself might be too small
  • It is possible for the colors to fade over time.

ANSI safety labels are published via guidelines that try to prevent these problems from arising. When companies follow the standards that have been published by the ANSI, they ensure their labels will be seen and interpreted reliably.

ANSI Safety Labels Serve as Key Reminders

There are some people who are around dangerous chemicals and heavy equipment every day. Over time, they might become so used to their daily tasks that they forget just how dangerous some of these facilities can become when people do not pay attention. For example, some people might forget that the door needs to be kept closed. Other individuals might overlook certain protective gear. People simply become used to their work environment. With ANSI safety labels, they can serve as an important reminder, letting people know that they need to take the right precautions every day.

Ensure the Labels Are Durable

Finally, ANSI safety labels are designed to be durable. Over time, some labels might start to fade. The text might become hard to read. The label may start to peel, preventing people from reading it. In other cases, the label might tear completely, rendering it useless. This is not the case when individuals follow ANSI safety label standards. With durable labels that can stand up to routine wear and tear, everyone can be kept safe.

A Universal Color Scheme

Finally, ANSI custom labels can be tailored to the needs of the company; however, the color scheme is universal. When companies follow this color scheme, they make their labels easier to interpret for visitors and staff alike. The color scheme includes:

  • Red is reserved for fire protection
  • Orange indicates energized equipment that could be dangerous
  • Yellow indicates physical hazards such as falls and trips
  • Green indicates safety information and first aid equipment
  • Blue indicates property policies

Following these color schemes ensures that everyone can interpret ANSI Safety Labels Quickly

Rely on ANSI Safety Decals To Keep Everyone Safe

These are a few of the most important reasons why ANSI safety labels and decals are so important. If you would like to buy ANSI Safety Decals, click here, or to learn more about how these safety labels can keep you safe, contact us today!

Aug 31, 2020

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