What Is a UL Certified Safety Label?

What Is a UL Certified Safety Label?

It is important for you to make sure that your warning labels and safety decals adequately warn those in the area of certain hazards, dangers, and risks that could be present. There are many different safety labels and hazard decals from which to choose, and it is important to make sure that these labels meet the appropriate safety standards. One of the most important types of safety labels involves UL certifications. When it comes to this certification, it is important to understand what a UL certified safety label means.

The Types of UL Labels

Similar to other safety labels, there are multiple ways in which a UL label might be classified. The most common types include:

  • A UL Listed Safety Label: This type of safety label indicates that the product has been tested in accordance with safety standards that are recognized by OSHA.
  • A UL Classified Safety Label: This type of safety label implies that the product has been certified in accordance to strict standards that have been created by the UL.
  • A UL Certified Label: A UL certified label is the highest standard of safety. Also called an enhanced mark, these safety levels usually come with a barcode that can be scanned by consumers, allowing them to look up the safety standards that the specific product has been tested and certified to protect against,

It is important for everyone to know the differences between these types of labels. They all play an important role in protecting people against hazards that could lead to serious illnesses and injuries.

The Advantages of UL Safety Labels

There are several major advantages that come with using a label that has been UL certified. First, this type of certification is important for sharing important information with those in the area. By having information readily available regarding the safety standards of that product, everyone will be able to guard against these potential risks.

Next this type of certification tells customers, employees, and business partners that the organization cares about safety. Going the extra mile to have these types of safety labels demonstrates that the organization places safety first.

Finally, this safety level is also incredibly versatile and durable. It is going to stand up to the test of time and the information can be easily altered if there are further tests that take place that change the safety certifications of the product.

Invest in Safety with UL Certified Safety Labels

It is critical for all organizations to follow the ANSI standards and ISO standards. When businesses adhere to the strictest of safety standards, they demonstrate to their clients and business partners that safety always comes first. In order to design the best safety labels in accordance with the best practices in the industry, it is important to partner with an industry expert. 

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Oct 01, 2020

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