The DuraMark Process: Accelerating Label Execution

The DuraMark Process: Accelerating Label Execution

How does DuraMark’s Process set us apart from other label companies? We used to spend the majority of our time educating potential customers about our products, but not nearly enough energy on achieving a decision to partner with us or not.

Joe Barrett, VP of Sales for DuraMark, explained that he and his team quickly learned that they had to find the time to break through to an end result by asking the following questions:

  • Is this potential customer interested in our products or not?
  • Do they fit what we are looking for in an ideal customer profile?
  • Do they have the right makeup to work with us and vice versa?

Bill Bussick, the CEO and Co-Founder of DuraMark, knows one of the biggest challenges for a new customer is changing their current process. In doing so, Bill knows the DuraMark Process simplifies what we are trying to accomplish with the customer because it allows us to engage with them and take on the majority of the work that comes along with changing suppliers. This also allows us to determine quickly if both parties are a fit for a partnership. With this thought process in mind, and Joe’s discovery questions above, DuraMark began implementing an efficient three step process: 1) Mutual Discovery, 2) Current State, and 3) Impact Analysis & Recommendations.

Step 1: Mutual Discovery

This phase begins after our sales team and the customer have already had a discussion, where both parties have agreed to a mutual discovery. We have also previously discussed the customer’s current situation and how we can add flavor to their needs and wants, what we can do for them, and what we do differently ultimately creating more effective results company-wide. This dedicated discovery time to learn more about our process is around 30-60 minutes.

Step 2: Current State

Step 2 is much more involved, starting with an agreed upon, in-person, on-site meeting. This meeting typically includes:

  • A facility tour
  • A label collection analysis (including all label parts)
  • An on-site collection and due-diligence of what is currently happening for that customer
  • Assessment of current processes (including logistics, production line, accounts payable, marketing needs.)
  • Triggers for when they need products
  • Lifecycle of their current processes

During this phase, we engage additional DuraMark team members to support the process. This allows us to better understand their pain points and needs. Our team then begins the process of developing data analytics and creating insights for the customer. This phase could last 4-8 hours depending on the size of the customer.

Step 3: Impact Analysis & Recommendations

Phase 3 focuses on a deep dive into material analysis. We specifically look at the material currently used, as well as any additional material they want to consider.

The impact analysis phase includes a clean-cut document that looks at all of the ways that DuraMark can improve their current process, labeling, and material. This then gives the customer an opportunity to compare how we can support them versus what their current supplier is providing.

Begin Launch

Launch begins when the customer is ready to work together. Next, we meet on-site with the customer and our operations team to go over the proposal and discuss how we plan to level up their account.

One of the main goals of our process is to form a trusting relationship with our prospective customers. We do this by supporting them during each step of the process which then carries over after we have agreed to work together.

We consider our customers collaborative partners, with whom we build a long term, supportive relationship. We work hand-in-hand to ensure that our customers' voices are heard and that they are receiving the quality materials we worked on together in a timely manner. This approach helps us both gain and maintain long, impactful relationships with our customers.

Once you work with DuraMark, our operational team and customer support staff work diligently to support any and all needs necessary. We ensure that the best quality products for each of our customers are thoughtfully chosen and executed. We truly believe in the DuraMark Process and hope to gain your partnership!

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May 11, 2022 DuraMark Technologies

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