Safety Label Trends in 2021

Safety labels are a vital component of modern life. From warning people about the potential for hazardous conditions nearby to the presence of locked-out equipment, labels and decals play a key role in keeping employees safe while also protecting other resources such as equipment.

Exciting New Developments in the Safety Labels Field

In spite of the universal nature of warning labels, their development hasn't remained static. The industry as a whole has embraced new techniques and methodologies that are designed to deliver the results clients need.

1. On-Demand Capabilities

Gone are the days when customers had just a handful of generic choices when it came to purchasing hazard labels. One of today's most exciting innovations is the ability to create on-demand safety decals and warning labels.

This trend allows customers to tailor their hazard decals to their specific company and need. For example, site-specific data about a particular facility can be integrated easily into safety labels with today's on-demand capabilities.

2. Integration of OSHA Best Practices

Though OSHA first endorsed regulations that incorporated 2011 ANSI Z535 into its regulations regarding safety decals, signs and labels in late 2013, expect to see the integration of them ramp up in 2021. With the guidelines provided by ANSI Z535, ISO pictures and symbols that are globally recognized are used to help overcome workplace language barriers.

The messages included on warning labels also include lower- and upper-case text that is easier to read. While employers have been slower to adopt these items, expect to see a surge in demand in 2021 going forward.

3. Increased Durability and Visibility

Companies will continue to try to balance their need for compliance with workplace safety regulations and durability. Another factor driving the purchase decisions of companies who need additional or new warning labels is the need for increased visibility of these safety messages.

Discovering what is new for the industry and how that fits into a particular company's philosophy is the key to making the right buying decisions. Industry leaders are always eager to demonstrate the products that will best meet the needs of their customers.

Sep 22, 2020

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