How Can Businesses Remain Compliant with Prop 65?

It is critical for companies to make sure that they take steps to ensure that their customers and the public as a whole stay safe. There are a number of safety standards that businesses need to follow including the ANSI and ISO regulations; however, for CA businesses, there are additional regulations with which they must comply as well. One example is Prop 65, which is short for Proposition 65. It is important for businesses to be familiar with this safety standard, what the regulations entail, and how they can stay compliant.

An Overview of Proposition 65

First, it is important to start with an overview of Prop 65. Prop 65, also called the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 is a regulatory standard that requires businesses to make sure that they prevent certain chemicals from entering the water supply. In this manner, businesses need to clearly label everything they use to make sure it is disposed of properly. This could be done using safety labels or custom decals.

There are a number of potential chemical exposures that could lead to serious health complications if they enter the water supply and companies need to use warning labels and hazard decals to inform people of these risks. If businesses do not take the appropriate steps to inform people of these risks, then they could end up being fined or sanctioned under Prop 65.

Prop 65 and Protecting Drinking Water: An Important Task

There is a lot of waste that companies discharge on a regular basis and companies cannot knowingly discharge these chemicals into the drinking water. Therefore, in order for businesses to remain compliant with Prop 65, they need to find another way to get rid of their hazardous waste in a safe manner. Discharging it in the drinking water would place a lot of people at risk, which is why businesses have an obligation to protect local citizens.

Caution Is Required To Prevent the Contamination of Drinking Water

Finally, another way that businesses have to remain compliant with Prop 65 is that businesses need to use warning decals and hazard labels to make sure that toxic wastes are not dumped into various locations that might eventually lead to drinking water.

Safety decals and custom labels can be used to effectively communicate the presence of certain chemicals and the risks they pose. Since Prop 65 was first enacted back in 1986, the list of chemicals has grown to include about 900 separate substances. All businesses need to make sure that they are familiar with this list and inform others appropriately.

Businesses Must Comply with Prop 65

This is a brief overview of Prop 65 and how businesses need to comply with safety standards. All businesses should also try to become UL Certified to show others that they are committed to safety. Proper safety labels can go a long way toward complying with Prop 65. Contact us today to learn more about how our safety labels can help you!

Sep 17, 2020

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