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What Our Customers Have to Say About DuraMark
"DuraMark is an invaluable partner in the success Bruno enjoys as a lean manufacturer. The very positive effect of this partnership is evident at multiple levels: new product development, production, assembly, shipping, customer service, technical service, receiving, quality assurance, and management."
– Bruno Independent Living Aids, Engineering
Real solutions deliver real results
Clients across the country in industries such as agriculture, transportation, construction, healthcare, and residential and commercial power equipment count on DuraMark labels. In every case and for every client, we provide more than high-quality, extraordinarily durable labels. We provide real business solutions.
Read our customer comments below to see the positive impact our approach to labels can make.
DuraMark customer service
“DuraMark team, you rock. Thank you.” Toyota Industrial Equipment, Procurement
“We were able to rebrand our entire product line thanks to DuraMark’s total solution and their design team.” Allen Engineering, President
“There is no way we could have been able to pull off this warranty decal project without the heroic effort of the DuraMark team.” Genie, Marketing
“We like to align with like-minded partners. DuraMark is responsive, professional and they solve our problems.” Bruno Independent Living, Marketing
“Partnership, teamwork, customer service and quick support have been great.” Genie, Plant Purchasing
DuraMark cost efficiency
“DuraMark has gotten us out of the inventory business, and they helped us reduce costs on every level, from creation to delivery.” General Motors, Purchasing
“DuraMark has helped us eliminate waste, cut our costs, and become more efficient.” Mi-T-M, Operations Manager
“We have completely eliminated carrying costs and obsolescence by using DuraMark.” Dixie Chopper, Operations Manager
“The move to DuraMark has been a wonderful experience. We improved product quality while saving money, and now we can make changes on the fly.” Bruno Independent Living, Marketing Manager
Duramark quality & durability
“DuraMark’s turnaround time is incredibly fast.” Smokercraft, Purchasing
“DuraMark does a great job meeting our high demand for a quick turnaround.” Buyers Product, Director of Purchasing
“DuraMark’s flexibility and manufacturing technology give us the speed and agility we did not have with previous suppliers.” Genie, Director of Materials
“With DuraMark’s digital technology, we literally send drawings and have labels the next day.” Dixie Chopper, Production Manager
“Miracles do happen when we have the DuraMark team in our corner.” Genie, Technical Publications
DuraMark efficiencies 
“DuraMark has really made a positive impact on our lean manufacturing process.” Mi-T-M, Engineering
“DuraMark has helped us meet our lean manufacturing goals by providing us unit specific decal kits.” Wood-Mizer, Material Control
“DuraMark label kits have helped eliminate errors on our assembly floor.” Haulotte / BilJax, Operations
“We have never been able to do prototyping or small quantity purchases with any other supplier like we do with DuraMark.” Allen Engineering, Purchasing
DuraMark quality & durability 
“They have game changing technology that produces a superior product.” General Motors, Purchasing
“Your fill rate of 99.93% and only 839 non-conforming decals out of 4M delivered has been great.” Genie, Purchasing Manager
“We used to have labels that faded after a couple of years. Not with DuraMark.” Terex, Engineering
“Our past issues of fading and poor durability of our decals are gone with DuraMark.” Genie, Engineering
DuraMark peace of mind
“I used to spend half my day chasing down decal issues, and that is gone since we switched to DuraMark.” Genie, Plant Purchasing
“When you work with DuraMark, you just quit worrying.” Rhino Ag, Marketing Manager
“How do you spell awesome, reliable, and fun to deal with…DuraMark.” Bruno Independent Living, Technical Writer
“The DuraMark Vendor Managed Inventory program eliminated out of stock situations and all of my headaches.” Terex, Purchasing
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