GHS Labels

Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Labels

Standard GHS hazard pictograms consist of a black and white symbol surrounded by a red diamond. The hazard pictograms applicable to your chemical must be printed on the label in color.

At DuraMark, the GHS chemical container label is designed to ensure that workers understand the specific hazards related to the chemicals used or handled and the specific protective measures required to avoid adverse effects. DuraMark GHS labels are made to withstand those harshest conditions so that hazards are always clear and understandable.


  • GHS Corrosion Symbol Label

    GHS Corrosion Symbol Label

    Use this high quality GHS Corrosion Symbol Label to clearly indicate the presence of substances causing skin corrosion or burns, eye damage on contact, or that are corrosive to metals. With DuraMark’s quality, these labels can withstand the most...

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